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The choice of the right lender for you is a major one, and there's quite a lot to consider before you refinance your mortgage or take out a home loan. Thankfully, Switch My Loan makes the whole decision process a lot less stressful, with our easy to use St George home loan calculator, and our comprehensive comparison data.

It just takes a few simple clicks, and you'll have access to information about interest rates, the availability of additional repayments, redraw facilities and offset accounts, how much weekly repayments are, and so much more. All of this data won't just be about St George, but will also be featured alongside a comparison of other major lenders, like ANZ, Bankwest, AFM, and many others.

Use our simple online system and St George mortgage and home loan calculator today to find out which lender is best for you, and which will be most beneficial to your back pocket.

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