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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most commly asked questions, answered!

Q. Is SwitchMyLoan a Mortgage Broker?
We are not a broker, we are a mortgage negotiator. We connect you directly to the bank of your choice, think of us a Groupon for home loans, we negotiate, you save!
Q. I don’t have a home loan yet, but I still want to get great rates, can you help me?
Yes, we certainly can. We’re more than happy to help you find your first loan, your last and anything in between.
Q. I’m a busy person - will this take much time?
Not at all, once you’ve filled out the online form (takes about 60 seconds) we’ll give you a call to discuss your unique situation (takes about 10 minutes) and then we will send you the best options we can find and the savings you can expect in an easy to read email.
Q. If your service is free, how do you make money?
The lenders reward us with a small once off payment as a ‘thank you’ for referring customers.
Q. Do you disclose my details to the bank?
We only disclose your details when you have given us permission to do so - for example, once you’re ready to proceed to the lender, we then pass on your details. If you’re reviewing quotes, your personal details remain private until you give the green light.
Q. Do you perform a credit check if I make an enquiry?
Nope! There is no credit checks involved. We source and negotiate the best home loan deals for you prior to applying at a bank. Be aware that the lender you choose may require a credit check before proceeding.
Q. What’s involved in switching a loan? Is it hard?
We’ve designed the SwitchMyLoan service to be as easy and streamlined as possible for our customers. After applying online or over the phone we will communicate with you via the phone or email. The only real ‘work’ you have to do is gathering the required documents to make an application. A mobile lender from the bank of your choice will come to you and assist you through the rest of the process at a time that suits you.

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