Why People Love SwitchMyLoan.com.au


Why people love SwitchMyLoan

There are many Australian home buyers out there who aren’t happy with their current home loan deals. Some feel the interest rate is too high, some feel the on-going account servicing fee is too much, yet others are sick of poor customer service from their current lender.

In most people’s cases while the curiosity to explore better deals is certainly there, the time isn’t and this is why we exist! and there are many reasons why people love us.

Reason #1 SwitchMyLoan is a one stop shop that helps 1st home buyers, investors, and people looking to refinance get a great deal.

Reason #2  once you come in contact with us, you don’t have to do anything apart from answering a set of questions so we can determine your current financial circumstances! We’re the ones that do all the market research for you to find you the best deals available, specifically tailored to suit your situation.

Reason #3 We don’t charge you a fee for the service we provide you! We survive as a business by receiving a small fee from the bank once a loan has been refinanced.

Reason #4 SwitchMyLoan actively seeks to the best rate with the lender on your behalf, saving you time and money (Check out our RateContender service)

Reason #5 we put our clients directly in touch with their new prospective lender so by going through us, you get to skip lengthy queues and don’t run the risk of being put on hold. Our special contact person at the bank will phone you and sort you out as quickly as possible.

Reason #6 if you phone us first, SwitchMyLoan call you back within 1 business hour from our call centre in Perth!

Call 1300 307 155 and start saving today!

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