Tips for your Property Hunt this long weekend in WA

Tips for long weekend Property Hunt

Long Weekends are great for a Property Hunt

As West Australians prepare to kick back and watch the Dockers take on the Hawks in this weekend’s AFL Grand Final, one thing that mustn’t be forgotten is that it’s the Queen’s Birthday on Monday 30th September 2013 and long weekends are a great time to go on a property hunt.

The ideal way to get the ball rolling is by working out what your budget is for your ideal property. You can determine this by taking into consideration your annual income, the amount you have saved aside as your genuine savings, the area where you wish to purchase your home and the sort of home you wish to purchase. While these are all crucial elements to your property hunt, they are ultimately your decisions. Nobody knows your circumstances better than you do.

Once you have worked out your price range and borrowing capacity, use a good property comparison website to search for the sort of home you are looking for. As this blog is a special edition focussed on the long weekend in WA, we recommend the following websites as a good starting point for you:

Pick the ones you like the best based on what you see on the website and start phoning up the relevant property agents. There are plenty of homes open for viewing on all weekends regardless, and particularly on long weekends. Some properties are open for viewing at designated timings which your property consultant will tell you about in advance while others need to be booked beforehand.

While choosing the right property is a time consuming process and can take days if not weeks before you find what you are looking for, starting your property hunt this long weekend wouldn’t be a bad way to get the ball rolling!

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