The Benefits of Selling over the Festive Period


The Benefits of Selling over the Festive Period

The Festive Period isn’t so bad for selling!

With Christmas, Boxing Day Test, the New Year and Aussie Day up and coming around the corner, the festive period frenzy is well and truly here. BBQs are sizzling away and eskies are beginning to be filled with beer. The question is, what does all this mean for you if you are a property investor looking to get a profitable sale?

Most people complacently assume that the Festive Period is bad for buying and selling property full stop. The fact is that this isn’t always true. In reality, there are many advantages of trying to sell your property over the December-January holiday period.

As a matter of fact, investors actually end up getting better prices for their sales during this time. The only thing is one has to exercise a great degree of care and go to the right avenues when you put the property up for sale.

The simple rule is that around the Festive Period, competition between property sellers decreases due to lack of houses available for sale which ironically leads to an increase in competition between property buyers. In other words those that are really hungry to purchase a property around this time might well be willing to compete with other buyers and pay a higher premium. People that are likely to do that are investors and homebuyers who don’t have the time to look around for the right property during the year due to full time work or family commitments.

Such people get their annual leave around the Christmas New Year break and start looking around for the perfect property. They are the ones who will be your ideal customers if you put your property up for grabs around the December-January period.

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