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Penina Petersen

Penina Petersen 

SwitchMyLoan interviews Penina Petersen from

1. Tell us about Savings Room, what is it and how does it work?

The Savings Room is a blog and membership site, which delivers a mix of quirky lifestyle tips.

The blog is predominantly about saving money but also delivers tips on saving time, sanity, your waistline, your next party and maybe even your relationship! (Great cheap dating tips to come).

The PRO member area delivers over 6000+ tips related to saving time, money and sanity. Members pay $35 to join for the year.

My goal is to make saving money fun and the Savings Room takes a holistic approach to saving.

For example, a mum who wants to save money (like me) might also be trying to clean her kitchen in a hurry, get the kids organised, go on a cheap and child-free date with hubby, lose a few pounds and enjoys putting her feet up at a great party.

My blog posts are about money and lifestyle. The Savings Room is evolving into a one-stop shop for saving all aspects of your life.

Since money pays for one’s lifestyle – saving and making money remains the main focus of the site.

2. How do you deliver value for money to your clients?

The 6,000+ saving tips and printables in the Savings Room help my readers to save at turbo speed. My readers need not weed through long-winded forum posts or articles to discover the point for the tip. The tips are delivered in cheat sheets and quick lists, which can be accessed via a mobile device anywhere, since the site is mobile friendly for tablets and mobile phones.

There are over 50+ cheat sheets in the Savings Room and over 100 Printables.

Here a just a few samples of Savings Room cheat sheets:

  • 300+ smart and savvy baby tips
  • 340+ brilliant budget gift ideas
  • 250 essential tips for saving on food and groceries
  • 250+ amazing ways to save using vinegar
  • 120 wise ways to save water and your wallet
  • 130+ easy ways to save on electricity and gas
  • 180+ essential tips for saving on cars and petrol

The full list can be accessed here:

Samples of the printables include:

  • Bill Payments Log – Autumn
  • Bottom Line Tracker
  • Debt Buster Worksheet
  • My One Year Plan Goal Setter
  • Monthly Menu Planner
  • Simple Weight loss Tracker
  • Spring Party Planner
  • Top Five Priorities Today Checklist
  • Summer Project Planner
  • Christmas Day Planner

The full list can be accessed here:

3. What motivated you to come up with the idea behind Savings Room?

The Savings Room is a natural progression from my comprehensive book Table Tucker – a 336 page culinary manifesto for the time poor. Table Tucker delivers weekly dinner menus, recipes and grocery lists for every week and season of the year. The book focuses on saving readers time, money, sanity and the world. Table Tucker has sold over 20,000 copies to date and is also now six mobile applications.

The Savings Room is also derived from my insatiable thirst for learning new stuff, a love for executing a great concept, and a passion for helping myself and others.

I also have an obsession with stylish living on the cheap, which she mixes with a quirky mix of life experiences to bring the Savings Room to the world.

4. What are your three biggest tips for people trying to change their spending habits?

  • Being super organised is key.  Most marketers out there are selling convenience and take advantage of us being too time poor to work stuff out. For example, planning budget meals ahead of time and cooking in bulk will save thousands over the course of one year.
  • Use technology. There are a multitude of mobile apps designed to help consumers with budgeting and finance. Making the most of technology is vital.
  • Track it. Start tracking your spending to see where your money is going. Spend dedicated time tracking expenses and then make a regular habit of shaving down those expenses. Do it quarterly.

5. You’re a person of many talents. Politics graduate, businesswoman, environmentalist, author and now a marketing expert. What message would you deliver to women that lack ambition?

These are my top ten tips for women who may lack ambition:

  1. Know what motivates you and mentally tie those motivations to business and work goals. E.g. My family and kids motivate me.
  2. Always write down your goals. This will not only motivate you but these goals will be sealed in your subconscious even if you don’t look at those goals regularly.
  3. Make money out of your passions. My passion is writing so work never feels like work because I love what I am doing. Also doing what I love helps me to persevere through hard times in business.
  4. Be open to learning new stuff – always.
  5. Find a purpose. Having a higher purpose is very rewarding.
  6. Be a role model. Think about how you might be perceived (e.g by your kids) after you are gone. Inspire people around you to be better. Hang around people who can teach and inspire you.
  7. Be open-minded and adaptable. Have plans but make them fluid plans.
  8. Go for it! Life is short. Jam as much into life as possible. Do it for people who might have passed away who will never have the opportunity you have right now – today.
  9. Do one thing every day that makes your life better.
  10. Party, spend time outdoors and enjoy life. Always take time out to relax. Life shouldn’t be all work and no play. Mental space and fun is important to gaining clarity in business and creativity.

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