What To Look For In An Open House

What To Look For in an open house

What To Look For At An Open House

You’ve seen your dream home online. Safe neighbourhood, the perfect number of rooms, and an amazing master bedroom. In pictures, the house looks to be in great condition, and although a picture can tell a thousand words, seeing it in person will speak volumes. While you may be desperate to focus your time at the home open on the master bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms don’t overlook these critical areas:

Don’t be blinded by the bling

Although you may have already fallen in love with the house online, don’t let this manipulate you when you see it in person. Anyone can invest in shiny lamps and pretty cushions to make the house look better for the home open. In retrospect, you are buying the shell of the property and not the filler content designed to make it look better. Try to see past the furniture and glitz to the size and placement of the room – then imagine how you will use the space. ‘Not being blinded by the bling’ also means being open-minded when you come across an element of the house that is not what you expected. Ignoring mold or damage that weren’t in the photos could cost you in the long run.

Look up

Yes – as simple as it sounds, many home buyers forget to look at the roof when inspecting a property. The ceilings of rooms are where mold and water damage are found, but thankfully for you, they are hard to cover up. Look up at the ceiling in each room to check for discoloration, stains or cracks that could mean the structure of the house is at risk. The last thing you want is the roof collapsing on you or your family.

Ask lots of questions

The concept is simple: use every resource you have to make a better decision. You’d be surprised how much the agent will know about the property, so use this to your advantage. Don’t hold back on asking questions because, at the end of the day, it’s your money you’re spending.

Asking questions will help you get the most from the home open, especially if you’re looking at multiple properties.  The more information you know, the more accurate a decision you can make.

Ask questions such as:

–    How long has the property been on the market?

–    What is the average cost of utilities such as gas and electricity?