Fortnightly vs Monthly: What's better for Home Loan Repayments?

Fortnightly vs Monthly: What’s better for Home Loan Repayments?

Home Loan Repayments explained Many Australian home buyers think it makes no difference whether you make repayments on a fortnightly or monthly basis. This could not be further from true. The frequency at which you make repayments makes all the difference.  Suppose you pay $2000 per month in home loan repayments. That’s a yearly total […]

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The Big Four Banks. How does your loan package size up?

The Big Four Banks – how do they size up? Home loan packages are becoming increasingly attractive to customers because they let you bundle multiple products together with the same lender. Imagine bringing your credit card, savings account, term deposit, car loan and home mortgage all under the one roof. The truth is, packages are […]

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