Home loan not measuring up? Give your lender the spill.

Spill your lender.

Home loan not measuring up? With Turnbull in, is it time to give your lender the spill?

Yesterday Malcom Turnbull challenged Tony Abbott for the position of Prime Minister of Australia and leader of the Liberal Party on the premise that “The Prime Minister has not been capable of providing the economic leadership that we need.”

Following the vote, Abbott was ousted and Turnbull set to be sworn in as the new leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister of Australia. Turnbull promises to lead the nation through the “huge economic opportunity” that Australia is currently facing. Many consider this as a ‘win’ for small business and the Australian economy.

With the #LibSpill fresh in mind, now is a great time to look at your own situation and see if your home loan and lender are serving you. Recent changes to interest rates, investment lending in particular have left many Aussie’s with mortgages unhappy and paying more than they have to on their home loans.

Ask yourself:

Is your lender committed to serving you?

If you aren’t happy with the service, the rates or your product, why not give them the spill and let us find you a lender that can serve you better.

Take control of your finances and challenge your lender to provide a better home loan, call 1300 307 155 or enquire now.

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