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How to Lower Your Mortgage Repayments When Times are Tough.

4 Tips to Lower your Mortgage Repayments When Times are Tough.

  How to: Lower your mortgage repayments when you are already on a budget. It is expected that the Australian economy will to continue to soften as the mining boom proceeds to slow, and unemployment rates are on the rise. For the majority of Australian’s, hearing ‘higher mortgage repayments’ is enough to send them into a […]

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Investment Lending changes from the big 4 banks.

Changes to Investment Lending: The facts you need to know.

The Australian Government is forcing banks to put on the handbrake for investment lending. A recent crackdown by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) to curb investment lending has caused the major banks to review their lending policies for borrowers purchasing or refinancing investment properties. This comes in response to the rapid increase in investment […]

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Refinance to Renovate.

The Benefits of Refinancing to Renovate.

Have you considered refinancing to help fund your home renovations? Home renovation is a great way to increase the value of your property whilst creating a beautiful space to live in. Upgrading your home can cost anything from a few thousand dollars to in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on your unique […]

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Costs to Expect When Refinancing Your Mortgage.

Smart borrowers know that the easiest way to start saving money off your mortgage is by refinancing. Borrowers who refinance are able to make massive savings on mortgage repayments, take advantage of exciting new product features and become home owners (rather than a mortgage owner!) sooner. While refinancing is often the easiest way to save money […]

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