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What To Look For in an open house

What To Look For In An Open House

What To Look For At An Open House You’ve seen your dream home online. Safe neighbourhood, the perfect number of rooms, and an amazing master bedroom. In pictures, the house looks to be in great condition, and although a picture can tell a thousand words, seeing it in person will speak volumes. While you may […]

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Latest_ PropertyMarketUpdate

Latest: Property Market Update

Latest: Property Market Update It’s no secret that the West Australian property market has been challenging over the past few years. Interest rates are at historical lows and house prices have been declining which has provided great opportunity for first home buyers wanting to get into the market. However, this has caused some concern with […]

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WHat is lenders mortgage insurance-

What Is Lenders Mortgage Insurance?

Lenders Mortgage Insurance Explained Lenders Mortgage Insurance, or LMI is a one-off insurance premium which, in some cases can be payable to protect your lender in the unlikely event that you were unable to meet your mortgage repayments. In most cases, Lenders Mortgage Insurance is only required when the amount you want to borrow is […]

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