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Refinance to Renovate.

The Benefits of Refinancing to Renovate.

Have you considered refinancing to help fund your home renovations? Home renovation is a great way to increase the value of your property whilst creating a beautiful space to live in. Upgrading your home can cost anything from a few thousand dollars to in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on your unique […]

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Costs to Expect When Refinancing Your Mortgage.

Smart borrowers know that the easiest way to start saving money off your mortgage is by refinancing. Borrowers who refinance are able to make massive savings on mortgage repayments, take advantage of exciting new product features and become home owners (rather than a mortgage owner!) sooner. While refinancing is often the easiest way to save money […]

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Happy Winners from the Block

The Block – Have you Got What it Takes?

The 5 Things you Need to Know to be Chock-a-Block with Cash In todays economy Australia is buzzing with many optimistic entrepreneurs wanting to make the most of the current housing price plateau by jumping aboard the 21st century renovation bandwagon. Popular shows such as “The Block”, “House Rules” and “Better Homes and Gardens” are […]

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