Picking your Bank Manager before Picking your Bank

bank manager

pick your bank manager before you pick your bank

Let your Bank Manager be your best friend!

Australian homebuyers often assume that dealing with a bank is like dealing with any other corporate body. You walk in, talk to a person, inquire about the product you want, make a decision and the transaction goes ahead.

The banking industry is a bit different. In practice, there aren’t always hard and fast rules on how things actually work. The stronger your relationship with your bank manager, the better your chance of availing added benefits and that extra little bit of assistance we all end up needing at some point in life.

The relationship between the homebuyer and their local bank manager is akin to the relationship between a patient and their doctor. In that, you transcend the bounds of professional formality and enable the other party to get to know the ‘real’ you. When people warm to us, that increases trust and builds social and human capital. The truth is that you never know when you may end up needing a favour from your bank manager.

If you ended up in a financially challenging situation and didn’t have strong rapport with your bank manager, this would mean you dial the bank’s standard hotline and have your call placed in a cumbersome queue before it’s answered. Even after putting up with all that, there is no guarantee that the customer service representative will necessarily have the authority within the company’s ranks to provide you the kind of exceptional assistance you may be looking for.

SwitchMyLoan has written extensively on the subject of fostering your relationship with your bank manager. One of our articles on the subjects can be read on YourMortgage.com.au here.

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