Backyard Makeovers That Won’t Break The Bank

Backyard Makeovers

Backyard Makeovers That Won’t Break The Bank

Giving your backyard a refresh can be a great way to add value to your home, but sometimes isn’t always easy to do on a budget. We understand that great home improvements don’t always need to cost a lot of money; so here is a list of backyard renovation tips that won’t break the bank.

Adding mulch

As simple as it sounds, a fresh layer of mulch could make your garden go from good to great. Although fresh mulch won’t be the standout feature of your garden, the subtle improvements all add up to make a big impact. In addition, the mulch will also lengthen the life of your plants whilst making them look more green and healthy.

Putting in new plants

New plants are a way to add great value to your home as well as making your garden livelier. Needing advice on what plants would best suit the space? Take some photos of your backyard and show them to the expert at the nursery who will be able to assist. An inexpensive way of doing this is to buy seeds and then watch them grow over time.


The concept is simple: out with the old and in with the new. As furniture sits outside all year it can start to look old and weathered, making your entire backyard look and feel tired. Buying new furniture can make your outdoor area come to life as well as making the space more functional. Although brand new furniture can come with a big cost, looking for second-hand tables and chairs in good condition can help you save hundreds.

If you are not getting much use out of your current outdoor dining table and chairs, you could try mixing it up by opting for a sofa and coffee table instead.


Like your current outdoor furniture, but finding that the elements are starting to make them look old? A fresh coat of paint could be the best thing for your table and chairs and not only will the furniture be given new life, but could also make them last longer. Make sure you select an outdoor paint as it will help protect the furniture.

Putting in a BBQ

What better way to get more use out of your backyard than turning it into a functional dining space. By putting in a barbeque and making sure the space is well lit, you can turn an area that isn’t used, into a place the whole street will be jealous of. You can get a portable barbeque relatively cheaply or alternatively opt for a second hand one to save even more money.