Australia’s Richest & Poorest – the postcodes & jobs that are making the big bucks.

Luxurious Australian HomeAustralia’s biggest earners, as well as the richest and poorest suburbs have now been revealed in the 2012-2013 annual Taxation Statistics report as released by the ATO.

It’s hardly surprising that the highest paying profession remained as surgeons with a mean 6 figure income sitting at a whopping $361, 202. What might come as a shock (especially to the sandgropers riding on the coattails the mining boom) is that only one mining career made the top 10 paying professions with Mining Engineers sitting at number 7 on the list of Australia’s richest.

Check out how your job weighs up compared to the top 10.

 Australia’s Top Paying Professions.

1.Surgeons$361, 202
$319, 033
3.Internal Medicine Specialists
$263, 601
4.Financial Dealers$219, 213
5.Judicial and Other Legal Professionals$192, 189
6.Psychiatrists$186, 778
7.Mining Engineers$166, 410
8.Other Medical Practitioners$166, 025
9.Chief Executives and Managing Directors$152, 364
10.Generalist Medical Practitioners$144, 498

 For those bachelors and bachelorettes that are looking for a well-off life partner maybe its time to “reconsider” your location settings on tinder– Check out Australia’s wealthiest 10 suburbs.

 Australia’s Richest Suburbs.

StatePost CodeSuburbMean Taxable Income
Darling Point, Edgecliff, Hmas, Rushcutters, Point Piper $177, 514
VIC3761St Andrews
$148, 967
NSW2023 Bellevue Hill$143, 112
WA6011Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove$142, 504
VIC3142Hawksburn, Toorak$142, 000
NSW2030Dover Heights, HMAS Watson, Rose Bay North, Vaucluse, Watsons Bay$139, 099
VIC3944Portsea$138, 800
NSW2088Mosman, Spit Junction
$137, 647
NSW2110Hunters Hill, Woolwich$132, 557
NSW2063Northbridge$130, 801

NSW takes seven spaces on the list of the nation’s poorest suburbs with a pay divide of $155, 823 between it’s biggest and smallest earners. The results reveal that the suburbs making meagre earnings tend to be in regional locations and have less than 1,000 taxable citizens.

 Australia’s Poorest Suburbs.

StatePost CodeSuburbMean Taxable Income
NSW2403Delungra, Gragin, Myall Creek $21, 691
NSW2359Aberdeen, Bakers Creek, Bindarra$24 742
NSW2361Ashford, Atholwood, Bonshaw, Limestone, Pindaroi$25, 431
NSW2404Bangheet, Bingara, Gineroi, Keeba, Dinoga, Elcombe, Upper Bingara, Pallal, Riverview$27 013
NSW2424Tiri, Cundle Flat, Cooplacurripa, Cells River, Caffreys Flat, Number One, Mount George, Knorrit Forest, Knorrit Flat$27, 537
QLD4613Abbeywood, Melrose, Okeden Proston, Speedwell, Boondooma, Brigooda, Covery, Kinleymore, Stalworth$27 547
VIC3637Waaica, Yalca$27 627
QLD4626Beeron, Boynewood, Brovinia, Cattle Creek, Coornamubla, Derri Derra, Dykehead, Glenrae, Gurgeena, Hawkwood, Monogorilby, Mundowran, Mundubbera, O’Bil Bil, Old Cooranga, Philpott, Riverleigh$27, 891
NSW2842Mollyan, Mendooran, Yarragrin$28, 110
NSW2371Capoometa, Deepwater, Emmaville, Rocky Creek, Stannum, torrington, Wellington Vale, Yellow Dam$28, 252

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