Australia’s Favourite Home Loan Comparison Website

Australia's Favourite Home Loan Comparison Website

Australia’s Favourite Home Loan Comparison Website

Why is the best website for a Home Loan Comparison has been around for over two years and is proud to have built a reputation that speaks for itself.

Australians know they deserve better home loan deals and SwitchMyLoan is the engine that provides just that, for free.

At the very heart of this service lies SwitchMyLoan’s ability to keep up to date with the latest home loan products from all the major banks and non-bank lenders and bring them together in one place so that Australians can shop around for a better deal with ease.

This was why company Founder and CEO Daniel Jovevski has had his expert web developers build an incredibly powerful new website that is totally responsive and device agnostic, meaning it will work great on any kind of device, a personal computer, laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

The best feature of this new website is its extremely powerful home loan comparison tool, built in-house. Watch the video below to find out more!

As the video outlines, using the new home loan comparison tool is extremely simple. Users can access it from the front page of SwitchMyLoan’s new website by clicking on the “Compare 240+ Products” button, as below.

Compare Home Loans Button

Once you’re on the page, fill out the loan amount, property value, loan term, type of loan, repayment type and repayment frequency using the menu bar at the top, as below.

The range of home loan products from various major banks and non-bank lenders that are contained within SwitchMyLoan’s database will appear on the list below.

 If you wish to find out more about a certain loan product, simply click the “Full Info” button next to that and a pop screen will appear containing the key features of the product you have chosen, like below.

Back on the list containing the wide range of loan products, select the ones that appeal to you by placing a tick in the boxes next to them and you will watch them line up next to each other one by one in the bar at the very bottom of the screen. Then, click the “Compare” button, as below.

 That will take you to the next screen that contains a comparative table outlining the features from the products that you selected. Pick the product you like the best and click the “Get this rate” button, as below:

On the next screen, you simply fill out your full name, phone number, email address and post code and hit the “Free Enquiry” button and one of our Customer Service Specialists will phone you back within 1 business hour.

The great news is, as we are not mortgage brokers, we neither charge you a service fee nor try to remain involved in your home loan refinancing process till the end. We put you directly in touch with the lender of your choice and that is the end of our involvement. If you end up successfully switching your loan, the bank may pay us a small commission and that is how we survive as a business. At no stage will you owe us any money.

Why not make the switch today and start saving thousands? Call 1300 307 155. 

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