7 Key Tips for Picking the right Property


7 Key Tips for Picking the right Property

By keeping the following points in mind, you can rest assured you are getting things right!

1. Look for local amenities when considering a property. Local cafes, schools and health clinics will increase the value of a property in an area.

2. The highest valued properties tend to have waterfront views. Whether it be a sea-view, a river, or a lake, be sure to check with your local council for historical flood records and see if your property is in any potential future danger.

3. If you feel the prime suburb is too expensive have a look at its surrounding areas. If you can manage to settle on a property in a neighbouring suburb then this suburb will too increase in price just as the prime suburb once did, and people will be looking to move into your neighbouring suburb, and it continues so forth outward in a ripple-like effect.

4. Look out for transportation. Buses, trains, ferries, freeway proximity, and bridges can all help your property if they get you easy and quicker access to the CBD. Once again this can be a double-edged sword. Whilst a property close to good transportation can increase a home’s value, a property close to noisy transportation (eg: airport runway, train tracks) can also decrease it.

5. Greenery and lifestyle features can work just as effectively as water fronts. Parks, recreational centers, zoos, universities, public libraries, museums, and golf courses are just some of the extra surrounding features than can bring huge investment to local properties in the surrounding areas.

6. Look out for the older suburbs which have the ability to adapt and change. Many inner-city suburbs might appear run down and old, however if they are well positioned they can soon be turned into trendy inner-city hubs. This then becomes a great reason to invest.

7. Watch out for the “boom-towns”. In regional mining towns in Queensland and Western Australia property might be kicking off due to the opening of a high-profile local mine-site with lots of workers. These properties can be a great investment to begin as the property price increase is on the rise, but might quickly turn into a steep fall if the resources finish and the mining stops.

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