5 Hot Tips for Getting the Most from Your Home Open

Home Open

Get the most from your home open.

As the saying goes: ‘first impressions last,’ so you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when preparing your home for sale. Here’s five hot tips to ensure that potential buyers have a memorable and positive visit.

1. Home sweet home

When your buyers take their first step through your door you’ll want to make them feel right at home. Steer clear of having a staged set-up. Potential buyers want to imagine themselves in your home, and how they’ll use the space for entertaining guests, putting their furniture, and where their kids will play. Too many staged items such as fake flowers, or unusual arrangements will give off a contrived feeling, and making them feel they’re at their dentist, not a home they can live in – so keep it real.

2. Let there be light

Letting as much natural light into the home as possible livens up the atmosphere of the home and creates a sense of openness. Remove heavy drapes or turn the blinds just enough so you maximise the amount of light coming into the room. Lights should be turned on, even if it’s sunny outside.

This does create a little issue as you’ll illuminate any dusty areas – so get your dusters out and leave no traces of dust for your potential buyers to see.

3. Smells

Is the house smelling like windex? This is a sure fire way to turn people off- by having overwhleming odours that stick around during the home open. Use a pleasant inviting fragrance that matches the character of your home, and not something that will overpower your visitors, and distract them from other features.

Air fresheners are best used 15 minutes before the home open, allowing them to settle leaving just subtle hint in the air, rather than doing it right before your agent walks in!

4. Declutter your home

The worst thing a buyer can experience when walking through their future home is clutter. Having excess furniture will not only make your home look smaller, but it implies a sense of disorder that puts off buyers. You may think that your family photo’s are doing you wonders by promoting your homeliness, however this prevents buyers from imagining themselves in your property. Having personal effects such as diplomas and family photos often causes an undue distraction when potential buyers are trying to imagine themselves living in your home.

5. Cleanliness 

This one should really go without saying. There a lot of buyers who aren’t interested in putting in the effort to bring a new home up to “immaculate” status. So keep this in mind- be careful not to overlook the blinds, windows and other hard to reach places when giving a good thorough cleaning.

Cleanliness signals to potential buyers that you can maintain your property, and that it’s been well looked after – so get scrubbing!