The 2015 Spring Real Estate Season is Set to Bloom.

Spring Real Estate Season Set to Bloom.Buyers can expect to be spoilt for choice this Spring with the housing market set to warm up along with the weather.

The final week of August saw National clearance rates creep above 75% according to RP Data Core Logic, an impressive feat for the end of Winter. Despite a suspected ‘bubble’ in the Sydney real estate market, the bustling city is expected to lead the way during the Spring property season with Melbourne following close behind.

Opportunistic buyers seeking to take advantage of record low interest rates are predicted to make the most of the 2015 Spring real estate season while Australian interest rates remain low.

Why is Spring so popular?

Spring is commonly recognised as being the busiest season in the year for the real estate market. Buyers and sellers tend to have more luck in the warmer months, and as September ushers in blue skies and warmer days this year is set to be no exception. Along with fine weather to entice buyers out of their homes, gardens tend to look their best during springtime.

It’s important to consider the possible setbacks of entering the property market during at this time. A busy spell often results in increased competition for buyers and sellers alike. If you are a seller, be sure your house has a competitive edge to improve your chances of a successful sale. 

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